Certification Program In Trained Career Counsellors (TCC)

A two level certification program for budding career counsellors led by experienced & Internationally Certified Master Trainers focusing on being future and industry ready.

Our main focus is purely to -

  • Training to educate, equip and empower individuals to become professional career counselors
  • The right set of scientific as well as interpersonal tools and methodologies to people and helping them attain a better insight into career counseling as a profession
  • Tools to conduct a holistic assessment of their client via scientific, systematic, and methodical career counseling techniques
  • Comprehension on how to administer and interpret the myriad of psychometric tests to be deployed in assessment.
  • Case studies, inherent talent tapping and mapping helping counselors explore real-time challenges and situations
  • Development of abilities to better assess the growing demands of the career counseling industry within India and take the necessary steps to meet the same.
  • A league of trained career experts ready to address the needs of students effectively during the most important phase of their life i.e. making the right career choices.