Career Development Services by Career Counsellors India Network(CCIN)

Certification program led by experienced & Certified Career Counsellors. It is an attempt to educate and equip college students of all strata with the appropriate skills to become industry-ready.

Our main focus is purely to -

  • Educate them on the correct set of information and equip them with the appropriate skills to become industry-ready.
  • Bridge the gap between "What the industry demands" and "What the individual has to offer" thus allowing potential employees to align their skills and interests to what an employer wants.
  • Fix the unemployment problem from a larger perspective in turn contributing towards the happiness index of the nation.
  • Engage the college-goers into SWOT analysis techniques allowing them to identify in an appropriate mannerism their own strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and desires.
  • Upgrade a learner's communication and interpersonal skills through a systematic and thorough up-gradation.
  • Providing them with professional preparatory tools such as resume/ cover-letter writing assistance, interview preparation assistance, and managing their EQ in the right manner.
  • Providing them techniques to manage stress at work, and dealing with conflicts leading to a conducive and productive workplace environment.